Its a way of life, its Bikelyf

Our Mission

A brand for the creative cyclists, the ones who are engulfed by the culture and welcome others in. It’s a way of life, it’s Bikelyf.

Bikelyf® is the Cycling Culture

Keep Loving the Bicycle

Cycling is a lifestyle that promotes positivity, well being, and community. It is a culture filled with phenomenal people from all around the globe. From the Streets of NYC to the Villages of Spain and the Mountains of Chile, a common appreciation for each other as cyclists is shared. This is seen when cyclists pass one another and there is a pause in their focused journey, a moment of importance, and a sign of unification: the courtesy wave. We all ride for diverse intensions yet are one group of people, positive people. How can we not be, the end result of riding brings Happiness, Health and a glass of Hops! Keep loving the bicycle, and cranking the pedals. It’s a Way of Life, It’s Bikelyf

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  • Cycling is a path to opportunities

The founder

A cycling enthusiast with an appreciation for business and culture
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Austin Yarton

My name is Austin Yarton, founder and owner of Bikelyf. As a creative eight year old, my first invention was the “To Go Eater”: A shoebox with a plate glued on top and sectioned storage inside for snacks. You could say I was a little wacky, still am.

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