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My name is Austin Yarton, founder and owner of Bikelyf. As a creative eight year old, my first invention was the "To Go Eater": A shoebox with a plate glued on top and sectioned storage inside for snacks. You could say I was a little wacky, still am.
My enjoyment of bicycle riding and innovating led to the idea of Bikelyf. Throughout the Summer of 2014, I enjoyed mountain biking the local trails, commuting through downtown Rochester, NY and occasionally racing down straightaways. There was a bicycle saddle under me at every turn. While the bicycle riding was endless, my budget was not. Being seventeen had its advantages, but the lack of money was not one of them. The need to invest in a set of bicycle fenders was a priority since stained shorts and shirts got old, quick. After searching around, what was found did not fit my needs. The fenders were either too permanent or if they were "portable fenders" they were too small and were not compatible with all of my bicycles. 

The bike rides occurred less, as the time spent in my shed increased. I was in there day and night, night and day.
The drawings and models began to narrow in towards a product both unique and simple. As the Summer died out, my ideas and thoughts prospered, as Fall approached, the finished product became a reality. All of my bikes were now equipped with a set of Quickie Bicycle Fenders. For several months I tested and spoiled myself with the newly designed fenders. The disclosure occurred and Quickie Bicycle Fenders went public. But that was not the end. New ideas continued sprouting and the implementation of recycled materials soon became a must. Even more ideas are currently under development and will soon be unveiled!

The inspiration that engulfed me at eight has kept me swimming and moving forward today.
I appreciate you joining me for the ride!


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