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Bob’s Cycle Sack is the on-the-go bicycle bag perfect

for grocery shopping, packing away goods, or carrying

a few beers for later. The easy 1-2-3 strap allows for a

10-second assembly or removal from a rack. This bag has been

tested to keep the flexibility of a shopping bag while maintaining

the sturdiness of a pannier. No bag spills! When not in use, roll it up

and stow it away into its built in carrying case. Keep it simple.






Bob’s Cycle Sack Video

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About Bob…

Bob is a cyclist from Soquel, California who enjoys cycling as much as food, beer, and friends. He rides to tap into his inner peace and bond with buddies. He is a Sagittarius which is of no importance to this story, his bio or his outlook on life but he felt it necessary to include this. Bob the builder is the man!

Question: Why did you create this?

Response: After talking with other cyclists in garages, shops, group rides and tours, it was apparent others had the same problem as me. We all wanted an inexpensive, nothin-fancy, easy on and off bag to carry misc items. A pannier was either too bulky, too structured or simply impractical.

So as any normal person would do, I made my own. I put pencil to paper, dialed the phone and made it happen. Friends kept asking where they could get one and as the ball began to roll, Bob’s Cycling Sack came into existence. Now, when on rides home if I realize I need a gallon of milk or such, there are no worries of cramming them in a pannier or even worse, not being able to get them due to the worry of them falling off the rack.






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