Front Fender (pre-cut)

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NOTE: This Fender has no graphics and may appear slightly different than depicted

Why a Bikelyf Pre-Cut Front Fender? If you’ve ever had the Mud flung up into your face…yes we feel your pain. All the temporary mudguards on the market just strap to your down tube or only cover 3 inches of your front tire. The Bikelyf Pre-Cut Front Fender is the ONLY mudguard that moves with your fork, providing full deflection. It weighs practically nothing, has a sleek appearance, is a practical 15 inches long, and can fold or roll up.


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The Same Bicycle Fender


as a Front Fender





  • Foldable – It can be folded up into the length of a pen and slide right into a pant pocket, jersey, bag or under a bicycle saddle.


  • Rollable – Not only can it be folded, but it can be rolled up and stored onto a bicycle frame as well


  • Parking Brake – Use one of the straps provided to act as a parking brake by securing the front brake lever to the handle bar before leaning your bicycle against a wall or structure. This will prevent your bicycle from rolling and falling over.


  • Durable – Made from highly durable plastic sheeting that wont tear or rip and holds to it’s shape yet capable to be cut with scissors to customize


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 Simply slide the fender with the Velcro strap end in between the front fork above the front tire and wrap the straps around each side of the fork snug.



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Additional information

Weight .11 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 9 x 1 in

Black, Emerald, Medium Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow




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